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Fuller Photography
About Us

Our Customers

Teachers who need Graduate level credits in computers or digital photography.

Non-teachers who want lessons in computers or digital photography.

Schools, real-estate agents,businesses,pet portraits, and many others.

Our Business

With our digital darkroom...we can add text to your photo, print on canvas or glossy photo paper, create wallets, and other various size photos.

We can offer re-touching eyes or eliminate backgrounds, or anything from the photos.

We can change the photo completely and create special effects!

We can help you with photos for your website & JPEG them for faster downloading!

With our traditional darkroom, we can offer you medium format negatives which are larger than the 35 mm cameras & provide a higher quality prints.

Check us out!


A husband & wife team !

He does the technical support for home or business computer systems.
He also team-teaches computer & digital photography classes, along with taking traditional Medium-format photos.
(They both do special effects with text & Adobe.)

silverton webpg


She team-teaches computer classes, works with their digital darkroom & also does traditional medium-format photography.
She has a strong art background !

Their dog makes a GREAT boat-dog & poses for plenty of photos!